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We provide modern & convenient treatments to not only look, but feel healthy & beautiful.

Hiđź‘‹ We're SKM

Monique Palana NP-C

It's one thing to look beautiful, and quite another to feel beautiful. My passion lies in helping clients discover their self-worth and inner beauty. As a board Certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in medical aesthetics and training from the Academy of Procedural Medicine, my goal is to boost your confidence and enhance your natural beauty. I offer safe, customized treatments and expert guidance to ensure you look and feel your best. Join me on a journey to embrace your high value and self-worth, both inside and out.✨

Shankar N. Mundluru MD, MBA

Growing up, I was ashamed of my dark skin due to cultural norms, and these feelings were exacerbated by my doctors’ inability to adequately treat my severe eczema and vitiligo. During my medical training, I poured myself into addressing skincare for marginalized communities, with a focus on skin of color and queer communities. It was through this advocacy that I finally realized my self worth was not dependent on how I look on the outside, but on who I am as a person. I co-founded SKM because I want to help people who have not always felt seen, feel better about themselves. I recently completed my MBA at Wharton with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, and I work at a skin care startup called Parallel Health that utilizes genetic sequencing to personalize skincare.

Karina Chavez, MD

With an intentional approach, my background in Internal Medicine allows me to consider the whole person all while utilizing my artful creativity to provide individualized treatments to meet your needs. True reflection of beauty is radiating confidence in the comfort of one’s skin from the inside out. I still remember the instant gratification and smile after undergoing my first aesthetics treatment. I knew then that this feeling is something I would want to continue replicating for both myself and my patients. Aside from being a Latinx physician woman of color, my free time is spent raising my son–teaching the importance of loving his beautiful brown skin. I hope to bring you perspective, accessibility, personalized care, and a place for you to feel seen. I look forward to radiating feel-good, positive Queen vibes your way!

Our Story

The concept of Skin Kare Magic (SKM) was born in 2020 during the first few months of the pandemic. What started as a casual conversation amongst friends, our discussion turned to an interesting topic of inadequate access and options for skin of color in the realm of aesthetics and beauty. The theme that resonated deeply with each of us– navigating in a space where you don't quite feel like you necessarily fit in.


At our core, we have always had a strong desire to embrace and allocate space for those who have felt invisible. The idea that ALL people, especially skin of color, do belong in this space became a driving motivator for us to start our business together. With our diverse experiences and unique cultural upbringings, we are very invested and dedicated to providing the best, all-inclusive services for ALL skin types/tones of any background. Our priority is to personalize each treatment, taking into consideration your uniqueness and what makes you you!